Water Heaters


High Efficiency EFT Combi Space Heating & Endless Hot Water

Revolutionary Design

Durable high grade stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger

Endless hot water, advanced temperature control

Advanced modulating gas condensing boiler
EFTC-199F = 95.7% AFUE
EFTC-140F = 93.2% AFUE

Available in LP and Natural Gas

Equipped with highly innovative gas leak detector

Eco-friendly and low NOx combustion system

Stainless steel indirect storage tank (15 Gallon) which eliminates temperature fluctuation

Turndown Ratio
EFTC-199F = 10:1
EFTC-140F = 5:1


HIGH EFFICIENCY Crossover Hybrid Water Heater

The Best Features of Both a Tank & Tankless Water Heater Combined into 1 Superior Unit

Advanced modulating 10 to 1 turndown ratio

Durable 316L stainless 3.5 gallon fire tube heat exchanger

Available in LP and Natural Gas

Built-in leak detectors for gas and water

Available in LP and natural gas

Built-in leak detectors for gas and water

Air handler application: Combination heating and DHW

Beautiful design

Endless hot water - advanced temperature control

Eco-friendly and low NOx combustion system

Internal & external recirculation modes: Pulse, Smart-Auto Learn & Time Sequenced

Advanced hi-fin heat exchanger design for superior performance up to 96.5% thermal efficiency & .93 UEF


Phoenix Light Duty
Highly Efficient Stainless Steel Gas-Fired Water Heater

Modulating Combustion System
-3:1 turndown ratio - 25,000 to 76,000 Btuh
-Ultra Low NOx compliant

Superior 316L Stainless Steel Tank Construction
-3 tank sizes: 50, 60 & 80 gallon
-Laser welded precision, lightweight tank
-No anode rods needed

Highly Efficient Combustion Heat Exchanger
-Patent pending cupronickel heat exchanger design boasts excellent heat transfer properties and resists corrosion
-High grade stainless steel burner

Condensate System
-Removable condensate cartridge system with built-in condensate neutralizer (patents pending)

-2” PVC, CPVC or ULC S636 pipe
-Combined vent length of 150 feet
-Two pipe / single pipe, balanced or unbalanced venting system

The Phoenix LD performs better than tankless
-Avoid inconsistent water fluctuations
-No minimum flow rates needed to provide hot water
-Deliver hot water to multiple outlets and large volume showers faster

Advanced Electronic Control
- Easy to read LCD (icon and text) display

Highly Efficient Operation
-Up to 97% thermal efficiency

Ease of Installation
-Top ports on inlet and outlet (patent pending integral inlet mixing device)
-Top connect auxiliary port for recirculation line or air handler piping, increases overall efficiency

Over 15 years
in the home energy sector

Extensive knowledge of energy saving techniques