Heat Pumps



>Copeland® Two-Stage Ultratech Scroll Compressor – Designed with fewer moving parts and consuming less energy compared to reciprocating compressors, the compressor uses chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant and will provide years of reliable cooling comfort.

>ComfortNetTM Continuously monitors system performance and allows remote control of system as an option.

>Copeland® ComfortAlertTM diagnostics constantly monitor your heat pump system, reducing failures and pinpointing trouble spots for a fast fix.

>Heavy-Gauge, Galvanized Steel Enclosure with Sound-Control Top – A louvered cabinet protects the coil, while its appliance-quality, post-paint, baked enamel finish protects your system from outdoor elements.

>Factory-installed Bi-flow Liquid Line Filter Drier – Protects the refrigerant system from dirt and moisture for longer service life compared to units without filter driers.

>Quiet Operation – An acoustically engineered sound control blanket helps reduce noise levels compared to units without sound control blankets.

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