High Efficiency Fire Tube Heating Boiler

Energy Savings

Up to 96.8% AFUE operating efficiency

Outdoor reset lowers operating set point automatically to increase system efficiency

Modulating burner input matches system load, conserving energy and increasing system efficiency

Low NOx emission - Reduces environmental impact

Unbeatable combined vent length of up to 200 ft 3” PVC pipe(4” PVC pipe for EFT-399)

Room air intake

Balanced or unbalanced venting system


High Efficiency EFT Combi Space Heating & Endless Hot Water

Revolutionary Design

Durable high grade stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger

Endless hot water, advanced temperature control

Advanced modulating gas condensing boiler
EFTC-199F = 95.7% AFUE
EFTC-140F = 93.2% AFUE

Available in LP and Natural Gas

Equipped with highly innovative gas leak detector

Eco-friendly and low NOx combustion system

Stainless steel indirect storage tank (15 Gallon) which eliminates temperature fluctuation

Turndown Ratio
EFTC-199F = 10:1
EFTC-140F = 5:1


Over 15 years
in the home energy sector

Extensive knowledge of energy saving techniques