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EnergySmartNY.com/Home Comfort Division of All Star Energy, Inc have been in the home energy business for over fifteen years specializing in home energy assessments (audits), home weatherization, and all home heating and cooling needs. With an extensive knowledge of innovative saving techniques, we offer homeowners a comprehensive, whole house approach to improving energy efficiency, improving comfort, saving money on utility bills, and helping to protect the environment.

Through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, we are one of the only contractors in Western and Central New York that uses our own employees to complete your energy project. This means that our customers receive the highest quality results from highly skilled and trained professionals.

What makes a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR participating sponsor/affiliate different? Knowing what energy efficiency improvements to make in a home and how they can work together requires special expertise. We are equipped with the specialized training and diagnostic tools to determine how your home is performing and can assist you in achieving your goals, whether it’s improving comfort, cutting energy costs, or protecting the environment.

As an industry leader, we know how to save you both energy and money. We are committed to making energy efficiency affordable to you! We thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to assisting you with your home's needs.

With Home Comfort, You Get Award Winning Performance.

NYSERDA and New York Home Performance with ENERGY STAR has awarded Home Comfort the "Finger Lakes Region Top Performing Contractor" for multiple years. Since 2008 Home Comfort has also been a yearly winner of the Century Award presented by NYSERDA and the EPA for improving the energy efficiency and comfort of hundreds of homes each year.




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BPI Goldstar Participation

The Building Performance Institute is the nation's premier credentialing, quality assurance and standards setting organization for home performance professionals. Since 1993, BPI has been setting technical standards for home energy asessments and energy efficiency upgrades.

BPI develops standards using an open, consensus-based process built on sound building science. From these standards, they develop rigorous written and field exams leading to professional certifications for individuals, company-wide credentials for BPI GoldStar Contractors and quality assurance services that help raise the bar in home performance contracting.

BPI certified professionals hold over 20,000 active certifications across the nation and in three foreign countries. More than 110 state, local and utility energy efficiency programs specify BPI credentials for participating contractors, to ensure quality.

How BPI helps homeowners

For many homeowners and tenants, energy bills account for far too much of the monthly budget. These homes suffer from performance problems ranging from inflated energy consumption to poor thermal comfort to indoor air quality problems. These are problems that regular contractors or even the best DIY homeowner cannot solve.

BPI GoldStar Contractors conduct a comprehensive energy assessments to find problems, then prescribe and prioritize improvements that make your home’s system function at its best. BPI's goal is to help improve the comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency of America’s existing homes.

We are committed to making energy efficiency affordable to you!

As an industry leader, we know how to save you both energy and money.

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